Our first drafts are so good we used one as our home page

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Except for comments like this and the product list, this page is an Expert RocketDraft. You'll notice some repetition and a clunky phrase here and there, but it's a solid first draft. Our drafts aren't meant for use without being polished by a professional. But on our site, it makes a great product demo.

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With RocketDraft, you'll be able to take on more projects without sacrificing quality. You'll get strong first drafts that will save you time and help you create better copy faster.

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We only need about 75 words to work from. Our simple order form asks for the company name, product name, target audience, the problem you solve, and the outcome customers get. These details help us know what to write about, so your page has focus and needs less work when you polish it.

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We know how important it is to produce quality work, even when you're short on time. That's why we created RocketDraft β€” to help you streamline your workflow.

RocketDraft was created by a professional copywriter with 20 years of experience. We're helping the best writers in the business save time and delight their clients.

RocketDraft is unique because we combine our proprietary AI magic with talented copywriters to get you great drafts at lightning speed.

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Using RocketDraft is a simple, three-step process:



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There are two types of RocketDraft, standard and expert. Junior copywriters create the standard drafts, and senior copywriters create the expert ones. For web pages, the expert version includes custom headlines and a light polish. The writer also considers basic personality and tone while making an expert draft.

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Web Page Draft

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Use our story-based web page copy for home pages, product landing pages, service pages, about pages, and more.

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Use narrative copy for your messaging playbooks, brand videos, email campaigns, sales materials, websites, and more.

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Use our lead generator copy for downloadable pdf lead magnets like buyer guides or other informative content.

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Use our social copy for building trust, authority, and staying top of mind on social networks.

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Use our sales sequence email copy to increase conversions and close more deals.

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Use our nurture email copy to keep your leads engaged and moving down the funnel.

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We're adding new products all the time. Let us know if you need something not on the menu yet.

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RocketDraft web pages don't come with videos, but they do include placeholder testimonials like the ones above. No more lorem ipsum in your wireframes!

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Each RocketDraft web page has a final CTA like the one above to recap the benefits of your product or service.

PS Angsty copywriters, we see you❣️

And we made a playlist to prove it. Why angsty copywriters need RocketDraft.co

🎧 "PS" section and playlist not included with web page order. Ordering may lead to decreased angst, spontaneous grinning, and more days off.